A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Once in game, you will use WASD to move, and the mouse to look around. In our game Shift is used to sprint, which is a key concept as you sprinting speed in ridiculously high. It is your only way to escape the ghouls. There are hidden cabins along the map and some of them have syringes hidden in them. Your goal is to collect all the syringes(10). You use E to pick up a syringe once you're nearby it. However in order to collect a new syringes you must use the one you currently have. Using a syringe will cause your sprint speed to be reduced and one of the ghouls will disappear. Also it will temporary make night-time into day-time.

The actual ending of the game is left to be a mystery, not only for the player.

Known Bugs:

Start Menu: Both Start and Quit begin the game.

In-game: You start surrounded with ghouls, so press W press Shift and run away.

There are too many ghoul's in the game.

Some Ghouls will bounce up and down into the ground.


If the game isnt windowed then the only way to quit it is through task manager.

Pressing ESC in game will Reset the game and take you to the start menu.

Install instructions

Hey so just downloading unzipping and running the unity file should do the job.

For this you will need unity game player.

Once the you do that you will have the pre-loading menu where you can choose your game options. After that you can begin playing.


Final.zip 93 MB